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Mixsave is a platform that gives you discounts to popular software such as Webflow, AWS & others.
The goal is to save you money.

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You not only get discounts, but also a load of other bonuses.

Founder OS

Sells for $3,000

Grow your brand to $5M
Video Access

Sells for $150

Verified List of 300 Mentors & Angels

With good advice you make progress faster

$500,000 in discounts

List of our deals

Get discounts to your favorite products.
Pay $3 instead of $30

Sells for $3,000

- Startup mistakes and how to avoid them
- Learn Systems Thinking.
How billionaires think.
- How to scale yourself and your business.
* Includes scaling cheatsheet.

How To Sell

Straight Line Sales by Jordan Belfort
This program includes:
- 12 Modules of Sales Training
*Sales Scripts / Templates* Script Builder

As a result, you'll be able to sell anything to anyone, never worrying about money again.

YCs Founder's Playbook

YCombinator's Founder's Playbook.

- How to Talk to Customers
- How to Cold Email B2B and B2C
- How to Build a Good Product & others.

The Playbook is not a one and done program. We'll be updating it multiple times a year showing you the quickest way to get to $10,000 with your product.

Build your startup the right way

Learn from the founders of YCombinator, how to actually build your startup.

Sells for $297+

Grow on X, wasting no time making mistakes

How To Grow On Twitter

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$5k in AWS + software discounts
Founder OS
How To Sell by J. Belfort
How To Grow On Twitter
List of 300 Mentors & Investors
1 Month Access to All Discounts
Unlockable Content



Everything in Monthly Plan
Affiliate Partnership
Lifetime Access To All Deals
Mentors Recommendations
Early Access To New Content
Request Discounts to Exclusive Software
Direct access to the Founding Team


Explore every company project in one view to easily identify what needs attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know it works?
Feel free to try any of our free deals and apply them.
Are there any refunds If I don't like the product?
Yes. We give a 14 day money back guarantee. To request a refund, email us at
Why wouldn't I buy the products for their original price?
You can. But why would you spend $30, when you can spend $3 with MixSave?